How to Order

1. Choose a product you want to buy


2. Click "Add to Cart" Button


3. You should be redirected to "Shopping Cart Summary". Here, you can see the summary of your orders. You can either click the "Continue Shopping" Button to choose another product or the "Next" Button to continue checkout.


4. If you click "Continue Shopping" button, repeat Step 1.

If you click "Next" Button, You will be redirected to the "Login" Page if you are not logged in. You will need to created an account if you dont have one in order to continue the checkout process. after registering a new account or after logging in, press "Next" button.


5. Enter desired billing address then press "Next" button.


6. Read the "Terms of Service".

After reading the "Terms of Service", Choose your desired Delivery Method. Each method has different price.


7. Take note that if you dont agree with the "Terms of Service", You cannot proceed with the checkout process.


8. Proceed with the payment by clicking the "Paypal Logo".


9. Read your order summary to verify your order.


10. Click the "I Confirm my order" button. You will be redirected to Paypal for your payment.


11. Enter you paypal credential and click "Pay" to finish order.



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